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Welcome to Beachbridetobe, a free destination wedding planner to make your  destination
wedding fun and stress free!  Find your own wedding paradise with all the information in our

Are you lost in the piles of information and advice offered to you as about destination
weddings?  This free destination wedding planner is full of  insider advice from wedding
professionals who are sharing years of knowledge with you. is full of practical advice, information and tips to plan and perfect your
dream wedding from planning the location to picking out your destination wedding dress.  We'll
show you how to shop for your dress, pack it and even show you how to handle any dress
emergencies on the spot.

Destination weddings are weddings performed on the beach, at a Caribbean resort, Las Vegas
hotel or Las Vegas wedding chapel, in a mountain cabin, at a resort, on a cruise ship, in a
Sonoma vineyard,  in a European castle or anywhere away from your home.

They can be held inside an intimate wedding chapel or outside in the glories of nature.

Destination weddings used to be called elopements.  The couple would elope and marry in a
small wedding away from home and return home married.  Times have changed and
destination weddings are a hot trend with couples who don't want a traditional wedding.  Beach
weddings are wildly popular, many women want to be a beach bride.

Destination weddings can be nondenominational or religious,
traditional or nontraditional.  

Destination weddings can be large and elaborate just the two of you in a romantic setting.  
Maybe you want a beach wedding or in an all inclusive Caribbean resort.   Maybe you want  a
Las Vegas chapel wedding with Elvis officiating.   Maybe you want a theme wedding in an
ornate Las Vegas hotel wedding chapel .  Or is your dream wedding on a cruise ship in a
romantic island port of call?   How about a covered bridge spanning a creek?  Or a mountain
retreat or even a helicopter over the Grand Canyon?   A beach wedding by your favorite lake?
Your possibilities are as endless as your imagination.  You have a dream...plan it together as a
couple and make it happen!

Why a destination wedding?

* Couples are opting for romantic locales where they can combine the wedding and             
honeymoon.  Caribbean resorts call it a wedding moon.
* Destination weddings are generally less expensive than the traditional wedding.
* Many second time couples opt for destination weddings.
* Many modern couples don't want the pomp and circumstances surrounding a traditional
* Many couples consider a destination wedding more personal and heartfelt.
* Family stress and step families sometimes make it easier for the couple to choose a
destination wedding.
* Many couples want a nontraditional wedding related to a personal event in their life, getting
engaged on a beach, getting married on the same beach.  Some couples get engaged in Las
Vegas, go back for a Las Vegas wedding and honeymoon.
* Destination weddings are usually packaged together as wedding ceremony, flowers, photos,
reception and lodgings.  Much easier to plan, much easier to execute.  All the fun, none of the
* Wedding planners specialize in destination weddings whether a beach wedding,  Las Vegas
wedding or any outdoor wedding and area readily available to help you, sometimes free of

Why NOT a destination wedding?

* Destination weddings are fun and romantic.
* Destination weddings are less stressful....who really wants to make out seating charts
* Destination weddings are easy to personalize, your wedding, your way.
* Destination weddings are packaged so that the details are handled for you.  You don't have to
sweat any of the small stuff.  Less to worry about, less to do.
* Destination weddings cost less than the average traditional wedding.
* Destination weddings are the answer to a nontraditional bride and groom who don't want a
traditional wedding.
* Destination weddings are intimate.

Destination weddings are an immediate way to decompress from the wedding ceremony.  You
are AUTOMATICALLY on your honeymoon!

What You Need For A Destination Wedding:

* A bride & groom
*  A Plan
* A location: beach, Caribbean resort, etc.
* Travel arrangements including passports if needed
* Lodging, a hotel, condo, beach house, resort, cruise ship
* Invitations for your guests including hotel information, dates and local information
* Transportation to the destination
* Wedding attire
* Photographer
* Wedding Cake
* Flowers
* Honeymoon clothing
From choosing the destination to tying the knot, please look at our site to give you tips and
planning advice to make your wedding day romantic and problem free. We have advice on
marrying and honeymooning in Las Vegas, beach weddings, Caribbean resorts and wedding
moons,  on a cruise ship, outdoor weddings  and even how to pack your wedding gown to
travel!  How to handle your wedding dress emergency without panic. We've got the information
you need to get your marriage licence, residency rules and all the legalities.  And lets not forget
your honeymoon lingerie, swim wear and freebies just for you!
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Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding:

Do your homework.  Research your destination and to make sure your destination will deliver
the wedding experience you are seeking.

Take a fact finding trip if possible to see the destination in person.  Use the time to interview
wedding consultant planners, determine the wedding location, plan for the reception and
interview vendors.

Use a wedding consultant planner familiar with the area.  Most resorts include the consultant
as part of a package deal.   If you are not using a resort or purchasing an entire wedding
package, then hire a local wedding consultant planer to do all the leg work for you.

Make sure you know what is included in your price.  Read the fine print, ask for testimonials
and check them out.  

Learn the legalities to marry at the destination.  Make sure all your papers are in order before
you travel. If you need birth certificates, divorce certificates or consent forms, get it done in
advance.  If you need a passport, apply for it immediately.

Send out save the date cards 8 or 9 months in advance to give your guests time to make travel
plans and make financial arrangements to attend.

Send your prospective guests travel information and hotel information as soon as you are able
to put together the package.  Negotiate with the resort or hotel for group rates for your guests
so you can save them money.  See if the resort will include transportation to the resort as part
of the package.

Show your appreciation for the guests who have traveled to your wedding by arranging to have
snack baskets sent to their rooms or by hosting a get together the night before the wedding.

Allow your guests free time to enjoy their surroundings.  While its your wedding, its their
 Give them a list of activities or sites for them to visit in the area.  

Start assembling what you will need to take with you.  If you exceed the weight limits on airline
flights, you'll have to pay additional fees.  If you are flying and have a lot of things to bring with
you, consider shipping them to your destination.

Start buying destination clothing for both of you when you find sales.  Don't forget that you'll
need a tote bag, sunscreen, after sun lotions, flip flops, swim wear, beach cover ups in addition
to your resort attire and wedding dress.

If you are flying, carry your wedding dress on the plane.  Don't risk putting it in a suitcase and
have the airlines lose your suitcase.  Read how to pack and transport your wedding dress. If
you are driving, make sure you don't leave it in the back seat. The sunlight can fades spots on
the dress through the plastic or a thief might be tempted to break into your car.  Put your
wedding dress in the trunk, on top of your luggage.

Arrange to have your dress steamed at your destination.  If you are going to a resort, they will
handle it for you.  If you hire a wedding consultant planner, she'll get it done for you.  Your dress
will need to be freshened up when you reach your destination, its not possible to transport it
without a few wrinkles or creases.

Have a Plan B in case of inclement weather.  If you have a wedding consultant planner, they'll
have one formulated  for you and you won't have to stress out.

Check in with your planner and vendors to make sure you are on the same page and on

Arrive several days in advance so you can tie up lose ends, get your marriage license, spend
time at a spa day relaxing.  It will also give you some time to adjust to any time changes and to
the local weather.  
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Dear Diana,
Thanks so much for the great info on your site.  This site is a gem, I found out so much here I couldn't find anywhere else.  I've got my
cruise wedding booked thanks to your site.

Dear Diana,
Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I had no clue how I was going to pack my wedding dress for my wedding in St. Lucia.  Bless your
heart, you even have pics to show me how to fold it and pack it.  I was going to put it in my suitcase, but I'm taking it on the plane like
you suggest.  THANKS from a happy gal.

We did it, we booked Sandals for our wedding!  WOOOO HOOOO! Couldn't pass up the great package deal and the place is smokin.  
THX to all of you there.
Jen B, the future Mrs. D

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